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Overflow model

How launchpad works

Question: Could you you tell me how much token under public sale and usdc I will receive if I put 5k USDC and overflow is 10. Second example I put 5k USDC and overflow is 20?

Answer: If overflow is 10x then you receive token under public sale worth $500 if overflow is 20x then you receive nika worth $250 and remainder will be refunded.

Question: How can I join the $NIKA public sale?

Answer: Max deposit per wallet is 5k USDC and everyone can participate in presale during this 24hrs (5th Apr 1pm GMT - 6th Apr 1pm GMT). After the sale ends, the team pull the USDC and add liquidity in Arthswap. It will take about 30 mins. There is no vesting in the $NIKA sale because we do not want user funds to be locked. Everyone can claim after the sale ends and we added the liquidity.

Question: The maximum number of holdings per wallet of $NIKA is set 2%, but what happens if the staking and/or P2E rewards exceed this??

Answer: If this happens in some wallets, we can exlcude the limit.

Question: Is USDC5k a commit limit or a post-commit purchase limit?

Answer: This is the total commit amount per wallet. Users can commit twice per wallet such as 2k and 3k but can not commit like 2k and 4k.