Alnair Finance

How exactly have we secured ourselves against depgs?

The pool will never run out mining process - 1 ASTR exchange 1 ASTX if there are 6000 ASTX in circulation, the pool will have 6000 ASTR and at the time of redemption, it will have a 0.5% fee, so the pool will always have a surplus in conclusion, the price of ASTX will never go down
1️) when ASTX < ASTR : users can exchange ASTX and redeem ASTR for more profit
2️) when ASTX > MMF : users can mint ASTX at a ratio of 1 : 1 with ASTR for more profit
Our ecosystem will not only increase the number of times ASTR is used, but also stabilize the price of ASTR over time. For example, when there will be 1 million ASTX on the market, that means there will be more than 1 million ASTR locked in the pool
Alnair is not like other projects which keep a reserve coffers to keep the tethering. However, we do keep tokens mined by users so that they remain tethered forever as long as the Astar Network and ASTR are alive.