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Welcome to the Nika Conqueror Choose a side, fight against your opponents to obtain Nika (Rewards) to forge the most powerful weapon in order to be stronger and achieve peace between Human Race and the Dark Forces. First Play-to-Earn NFT Game built on ASTAR Network

Why $NIKA?

For existing P2E-related projects, the best option is to sell the tokens earned by playing the games. However, in addition to the utilities of $NIKA, such as Launchpad whitelist access, airdrop of Native tokens for IDO projects, and the ability to purchase NFTs, the reflection tokens have the property of earning ASTR just by holding. In other words, in Alnair Finance's P2E, selling the $NIKA earned may not be the best option. Alnair Finance is the first P2E provider with reflection token.


Nika ($NIKA) is the most powerful metal and it requires to forge the most powerful weapon to conquer the world. Humans wanted to use it to defend their own land where Dark Forces wanting it to rule the world. Human possess a talent of locating and mining $NIKA while the Dark Forces kill Human and loot $NIKA whenever they seek opportunity.

Roadmap Phase 1

Project concept & NFTs design
Website Beta Release
Marketing Social media + community growth
Press Release Articles

Roadmap Phase 2

NFTs design concepts, names & attributes
Website official release
Whitelisting + Public Sale Open
Listing on the secondary marketplace

Roadmap Phase 3

Open Staking
Gen 1 minting
Unity Game development using NIKA

Roadmap Phase 4

Unity Game launch
Nika Conqueror P2E A play-to-earn NFT Game built on ASTAR Network and consists of unique designs NFTs exclusively for the game with unique tokenomics and NFTs scarcity increasing monetization capabilities.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of highly experienced blockchain developers and business developers supporting the creation of the next generation play-to-earn NFT games to empower Nika Conqueror ecosystem.
Pink Anunnaki : CEO
Safe Vitalik : CTO
Lich King : CMO
Akid : Marketing Support
Smart Cookie : Advisor
Dmitrii: Designer


What is Nika Conqueror?

Nika Conqueror is a unique P2E NFT Game built exclusively for ASTAR network. The NFTs scarcity with its unique attributes and tokenomics allowing you to monetize your gaming experience with $NIKA.

What type of characters are available in Nika Conqueror?

Currently Nika Conqueror have 2 main character classes which are
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Dark Forces Each of the NFT have its own unique attributes in terms of its weapon, equipment, avatar and background.

What is the token for Nika Conqueror?

$NIKA is the utility token of the Nika Conqueror P2E NFT game and the basis of transactions and in-game interactions. It is built on the ASTAR network. $NIKA will be used across the ecosystem allowing the players to share a truly unique gaming experience and accumulate rewards during game play.

How do I earn from Nika Conqueror?

Stake your both Human and Dark Forces NFT to earn $NIKA. On top of that if you owned and staked a Dark Force NFT, you have the chance of stealing any newly minted NFT. You can earn your rewards depending on your risk portfolio, low risk (Stake Human and earn guaranteed 80% $NIKA production) or high risk (Stake Dark Force, enjoy 20% tax $NIKA from "Low Risk Staking" or chances to steal 100% $NIKA of any Human attempted to unstake)

How do I buy or sell NFTs?

NFTs can be bought or sold in the Nika Conqueror’s Marketplace using the game’s native token $NIKA and $ALNR

What type of NFTs can be purchased?

NFTs such as in-game characters with different characteristics and unique traits. They are designs to be minted, farmed and staked depending on their alpha level.

What would happen if I mint a new NFT using $NIKA?

There is a 10% chance that the NFT is actually a Dark Forces and 10% chance of the new Human or Dark Forces will be stolen by a staked Dark Forces. Each Dark Forces' chance of success is proportional to their Alpha scores.

What are the chances of Minting a Dark Force? How would that benefit me?

You will have a 10% chance of minting a Dark Forces, each with unique traits. the Dark Force earns from taxes and the higher chance of stealing a newly minted Monk or Ninja.
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