Alnair Finance

Minting and Redeeming


In order to mint 1 $ASTX, the system requires 1 ASTR and (1 - CR) will be converted to $ALNR/ASTR LP.
For example - CR = 90% and you want to mint 100 $ASTX 90 ASTR will be deposited into ASTR pool reserve and 10 ASTR will be converted to $ALNR/ASTR LP (Protocol Owned Liquidity=POL)


When 1 $ASTX is redeemed, the system returns CR worth of ASTR and (1 - CR) worth of $ALNR.
For example - CR = 95% If you want to redeem 100 $ASTX -> 95% will be returned as GLMR and 5% as $ALNR

2-step Minting / Redeeming mechanism

After both, Minting or Redeeming, you will have to additionally collect your minted or redeemed tokens. This mechanism was implemented to prevent flashloan.


  • 0.3% fee for minting
  • 0.5% fee for redeeming
Fees will be transferring to the Staking and Locking Distribution(80%) and treasury(20%).