Alnair Finance

Create LP with ZAP Button

Alnair ZAP lets you create liquidity pool tokens and make Alnair vault deposits with just one transaction. You no longer need to manually add and remove liquidity!
Alnair ZAP is a simple, quick, cheap, safe solution that eliminates the need to handle token contract addresses or even leave the comfy environs of the Alnair app.
When using Zap, always check your quote! While Zap does protect you against market slippage (price changes at the time of order and time of fulfillment), it does not protect you against price impact (how much your transaction will change the price of the tokens in the liquidity pool).
Note : There is no extra fees for using "ZAP" to create LP

In the Minting page

Zap will allow users to use ASTR only to buy needed $ALNR (depends on CR) automatically for $ASTX.
In the Farming page
Zap will allow users with only using $ASTR
1) add liquidity to any Alnair Finance pool(this will buy $ASTX or $ALNR to the AMMs which Alnair Finance assigned) and
2) deposit the LPs to Alnair Finance farms.