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How to withdraw $ASTR from CEX to Metamask

Hey guys, you can transfer your $ASTR from your CEX accounts (Binance, Kucoin, and etc) to Metamask.
You can't withdraw $ASTR into your Metamask wallet address directly from CEX, you will need to get a $ASTR native address by downloading polkadot.jr from here.
After you manage to create a new wallet from polkadot.js, please do not use the address to withdraw your $ASTR yet else you will get your fail transactions. Please read a bit further.
You will need to visit , click "Connect Wallet" and then choose "Polkadot.js"
After you connected your polkadot.js wallet, you will be able to see your native address as below.
To send your $ASTR from polkadot.js wallet to your Metamask wallet address by clicking "Transfer"
Within a minute or two, your $ASTR will arrive in your Metamask wallet. Good luck and good day!